Grading Rubric for Gravitational Force Lab

This Gravitational Force Rubric represents a grading rubric that could be used as assessment during a lab on gravitational force. I have extracted these student outcomes from the lesson plan as the assessment criteria for this activity:

  • Students will design and perform an experiment that investigates the effect of mass and inclination on the acceleration of an object.
  • Prior to performing experiment, students must record their hypothesis and procedures including all variables and controls necessary for accurate data reporting.
  • Students will analyze their data by creating graphs to illustrate the change in acceleration due to the variables: 1) changing the angle of inclination, and 2) changing the mass or surface properties of the ‘sled’.
  • Students will work in their pairs to compile a lab report citing the use of the scientific method.
  • Students will articulate their conclusion in writing individually as a means of assessing synthesis of new concepts.