About Me

IMG_0396Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. The primary purpose for maintaining this blog is as a required learning tool in my graduate program with Stevenson University where I am working on ALMOST FINISHED my Master’s in STEM Education. Currently, I’m beginning an exciting new journey in teaching as the Middle School Math teacher in a small independent school. Formerly, I taught 8th grade Science in alternative education. Both content areas tie back to my first career in Environmental Management. Beside my lifetime commitments to being both a student and a teacher, I am a resident and an active board member of the nonprofit, Colchester Farm CSA. In addition to facilitating the CSA’s education programs, I co-lead two 4-H clubs here on the farm for which we host a variety of animals with the goal of increasing access to and enriching youth’s experience in the areas of livestock and produce farming in a sustainable agriculture setting. Last but certainly not least, I’m Mama to five awesome kids ranging from elementary school to college, and wife to the fella who literally brings home the bacon. Well, that’s the (long) short of it. I hope you’ll stay a while and come back often as I stumble through trying to make peace with my crazy life by the Bay.

UPDATE 06/2016:

I’ve GRADUATED with my Master’s in STEM Education, so that’s no longer the primary purpose of this blog. Though, I’ve enjoyed documenting the journey and find now with graduate school and my first year at Kent School behind me I may have more time to devote to the upkeep of my blog. My writing continues to focus on education, but with greater emphasis on my personal journey and interests. Follow me, as I reflect on my classroom experiences in my second year as the Middle School Math teacher in a small independent school and from my time teaching Middle School Science in alternative education. Forgive the sidetracking nostalgia as I document the bittersweetness of my last year as a board member of Colchester Farm CSA. Despite my term ending, Colchester will remain our family home, where I will continue uninterrupted with the goal of living vicariously through my own and others’ children playing with farm animals and creating whimsical memories with nature on the farm.

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