Framing Our Reading: Part 1 (Engagement)

Text Citation or Link Rationale for Choosing Text Frame(s) Strategies Used and Resource
Engagement Example Artificial Sweeteners: Friends or Foes? Allows students to make personal connections to self, text and others with the content while recalling background knowledge and reflecting on what they’ve read. cause/effect



Connection Stems (McLaughlin, p.63)

The connection stems strategy helps students make personal connections to the text being processed. The comprehension strategy is used to help the reader connect the focus text to themselves, the world, and other text.

The strategy can be used with both informational text and narrative type texts. It can be used at any stage (eg. pre-reading, during post-reading) during the reading activity.

The McLaughlin text (p. 63) lists these suggested connection stems:

  • That reminds me of
  • I remember when
  • I have a connection
  • An experience I have had that was similar to that
  • I felt like that person when
  • If I were that person, I would

Below, I have modeled my use of this strategy in reading our groups text, Artificial Sweeteners: Friends or Foes?

My connection stems:

I have a connection with this text, because I stopped drinking soda to reduce my sugar consumption. Para 1

I remember when we burned Doritos and measured the temperature increase in water to calculate calories in Chemistry class. Para 2

That reminds me of when I wanted to lose weight and started eating more “low fat” foods. Para 3

I were those people, I would feel very grateful to not have become ill or died from such a careless mistake. Para 4-5

An experience I have had that was similar to that is when I was eating a vegetarian diet I would experiment with different plant based proteins (eg. beans, nuts) to attempt to satiate my cravings for meat. Para 6-9

I felt like that person when I tasted the artificial sweeteners undesirable chemical aftertaste. Para 10

I have a connection with this because I like to maintain a more natural diet. Para 11

I remember when I read an article citing the same chemicals is artificial sweeteners being used as pesticides. Para 12

Explore this text using the Prereading Plan strategy modeled by Juanita and the Power Notes strategy modeled by Amanda.


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Marr, I. (2012, February 1). Artificial Sweeteners: Friends or Foes? Retrieved from

McLaughlin, M. (2015). Content Area Reading: Teaching and Learning for College and Career Readiness. (2nd ed., pp. 63-64). Boston, MA: Pearson Education Inc.

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